How Can I Help?

The Dinner and Food Box programs are always looking for volunteers.    Cl


143 Boxes are delivered to New Covenant around 8:30am the third Monday of every month.  The boxes contain non-perishable food, include fresh cheese, and weigh about 33 pounds.


Approximately 50 of these boxes are delivered to 3 sites by volunteers in their vehicles.  Volulnteers are needed to load the cars and then drive to the sites.  Seniors come from their apartments to a designated spot and pick up the box from the volunteer. 


The rest of the boxes are picked up by the seniors at the church between 11am and 1pm.  Volunteers are needed to carry the boxes to the individual's car.   


As with all government programs there is paperwork involved.  Volunteers are needed to help with maintaining the files. 


Volunteers are also needed to call individuals the week prior to the delivery to remind them that the food box will be available the coming Monday.  Ability to speak Spanish is helpful.




Every Monday a volunteer picks-up produce from Big Y and delivers it to the church by 11am.  Volunteers are need to sort and store the produce.

16 Church Street, East Hartford, Connecticut  06108