New Covenant is located on the corner of Burnside Avenue and Church Street.  We are in a diverse neighborhood that includes Saint Rose Roman Catholic Church and the Qardaryia Community Center, the worship and education home for many Muslim neighbors. Together, New Covenant, Saint Rose and the Qardayia Community offer a unique opportunity for ecumenical and interfaith ministries. New Covenant is also located in the midst of a number of small business, public institutions, multi-family housing units and single family homes. We are truly blessed by our location and look forward to contributing along with our neighbors to the well-being of the community. New Covenant is an active member of East Hartford Interfaith Ministry which supports a locally based material and

financial aid ministries for our neighbors in need.

New Covenant United Methodist Church was organized in July of 2006 after two East Hartford
United Methodist congregations, Burnside UMC and Hockanum UMC, prayerfully decided to
form a new church.  New Covenant has been growing into its new identity, mission, and ministry. Members have been joined by a growing newcomer community of Ghanaian Methodists
as well as friends from the neighborhood.

Our Mission


The mission of New Covenant United Methodist Church is to “create and nurture disciples of Jesus Christ through work in our local church, local community, and global community.” We are a worshiping community committed to serving and reaching out to our neighbors near and far. We would be blessed to have you join us in this mission! Please journey through our website and contact us with any questions.

Meet Reverend  Althea Jackson,

Rev. Althea Jackson was born in New Jersey and raised in the Boston area.  She was a part of the efforts to integrate The Boston Public Schools through the busing programs Operation Exodus and METCO. Her first love is teaching. The first phase of her career was teaching preschool children at the private Christian School sponsored by her local church Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church.She received her calling to Christian ministry at Saint Paul. Althea attended Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary which she earned a Master of Divinity. She has pastored churches in the southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas for the majority of her career.  Some of these churches include Bethel AME of Fall River, MA, Plymouth MA, and Bethel AME of Providence. Her ministry led her to begin service in the United Methodist church in early 2000’s. During her tenure in Rhode Island, she has served in the Providence area  at Trinity United Methodist Church including her most recent appointment in East Providence, RI.

She is an avid reader of both nonfiction and fiction books. She mostly loves science fiction and fantasy as well as historical fiction and non-fiction. She enjoys crafting, crocheting, drawing painting, and quilting.

But her ultimate love is being shepherd to fellow Christians of all ages and stages as they live out their Christian journey and discover the riches of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

 We hope you will come and meet Pastor Althea. 

Meet Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar, 


                                             In 2012, Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar was assigned to the

                                             New England Conference, which today includes more than

                                             600 congregations in six states, committed to a vision of

                                             being “Transformed by the Holy we boldly proclaim

                                             Christ to the world.”  You can read his letters by clicking on the

                                             "Together in Christ" button ton the right side of the screen.


                                             Sudarshana Devadhar was elected to the episcopacy at the

                                             Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference in July, 2004. He

                                             served as the leader of the New Jersey Episcopal Area for

                                             eight years, where he led that conference to the first net gain

                                             in membership in 45 years.


Bishop Devadhar was born into a family of clergypersons and has been a follower of

God all of his life. The name “Devadhar” means “follower of God.” Suda, as he is called,

began his pastorate as a deacon at the Church of South India, Mercara Coorg, India.

He holds a B.Com. degree from Vijaya College, University of Mysore, Mulki, India; a B.D.,

degree from United Theological College, Bangalore, India; a M.Th. degree from Perkins

School of Theology, Southern Methodist University; and an M.Phil. and a Ph.D. from Drew University.

Bishop Devadhar has a passion for encouraging the spirituality of youth and young adults, and has led numerous spiritual journeys to Taize in France with the youth in the New Jersey Conference. He embraces diversity and leads the church with joy and compassion. “I envision a Church of the Pentecost in which the Holy Spirit is igniting, gifting and empowering God’s children of all ages, backgrounds, colors and personalities to glorify their Creator as passionate witnesses for Jesus Christ,” said Bishop Devadhar. “Such a church does not merely serve the poor, the left out, the different, but welcomes them warmly into its hearts, homes, and worship.”

He enjoys spending time with his family. His wife, Prema, is his partner in ministry and they are blessed with an adult daughter, Trina. Bishop Devadhar also enjoys reading and listening to devotional music. His key philosophies in life are to love everyone, every human being who is a child of God, enjoy God’s creation, and make use of it responsibly.

Contact us

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PHONE: (978) 682-7676
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Bishop's Office
Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar
Brenda Borchers, Administrative Assistant
PHONE: (978) 682-7555 ext. 250
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Reverend David Calhoun

Connecticut/Western Massachusettes District  Superintendent