Ghana Mission



Our Ghana mission started without fanfare in the early 1990’s when church member Auntie Grace, originally from Ntonso, Ghana, collected clothes to send back to her village and does to this day.  From there it grew ... when Dunwell Methodist Church requested $500 to purchase a window for the church. 


By the time the money was collected and sent to Ghana, Dunwell had already obtained the window so they used the funds to build a simple two room preschool and named it the New Covenant United Methodist Church Preparatory School.  From this simple beginning, our two churches have developed a strong partnership that is expanding into new areas of support.    


After many years of work and coordination by our Brothers and Sisters in Ntonso and financial support from our church, the new well has been completed and the children have water at the school.  Praise God!!  2015

Former Pastor Gary visits 


2018 New Covenant raised money to purchase 30 new desks

2018 Celebration of 1st Graduation
John Wesley Day 2021
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