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Stewardship We are blessed!


Celebrating Ten Years in Mission as New Covenant United Methodist Church


Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


You recently received a letter from me outlining all of our mission work since the merger almost 10 years ago.  God said, “I will bless you so that you will be a blessing.”  Isn’t that so very true for all of us?  God has blessed each of us in different ways and we have used part of those blessings and with God’s help, touched/blessed so many others.  Isn’t that why we follow Jesus?  Each and every day we want to live a little more like Jesus – follow his way.  I believe that we have made a great start, but we can’t rest on what we have done.  We must continue on the path and redouble our efforts to accomplish more of God’s work!


Financially the good news is that you have remained faithful in your giving.  We Thank You so much for your commitment to God and the church.  Even though our income has not matched our expenses, the church leadership works hard at holding expenses down and in many cases does not spend money on a few discretionary expenses.  We have also used some Mission funds to help pay bills.  I anticipate that this will continue over the next several years as church membership grows.  So I ask that you continue your tithes/pledges and work in the church.  If any are able to increase their giving, thank you!


For 2016 we are also asking you to make a pledge to the building fund. 


In 2012 many members made pledges to the five-year capital campaign Seeds of Faith. We are now entering the third year of the campaign and are very grateful for all that has been given to establish the New Covenant UMC Building Fund. Since 2012 we have welcomed new members and there may be some who are better prepared to pledge to Building Fund. Please prayerfully consider giving to the Building Fund.  Why?  Well it is all part of our growing response to Christ and His mission.


You may not know this, but the Trustees on your behalf have invested over a $1 million in church and parsonage maintenance and upgrades since our merger in 2006.  These investments have reduced the trustee funds in the face of current and future building needs. The trustees have regular expenses such as gutter cleaning, parking lot maintenance, parsonage maintenance and more.  In addition, they have limited funds for emergencies such as the boiler repair that happened this year. 


As you saw in the first letter that I sent you, our building is now very important to our community.  It’s a place where people come to learn how to be successful in life through English language learning, obtaining a GED and learning how to become a US citizen.  It’s also a place where members of the community have shared meals and where low-income seniors receive food. And more community ministry is being planned for 2016.


Brothers and sisters I am asking you to not only maintain or increase your giving to the General Fund, but to also make a pledge to the Building Fund if you are not already pledging through the Seeds of Faith campaign.  The enclosed pledge card has two places for you to make a commitment to the church. One for the General Fund and another for the Building Fund


If each member of the church could give $5.00 each week, we would raise almost $49,000 for the trustees. 


Please use the enclosed card to write down your tithe / pledge commitment for 2016, and bring your card with you on Mission / Stewardship Sunday, November 15th.  If you are unable to be with us in person, please mail or send your card to the church before that date.


Thank you for your prayerful consideration and all you already do for our shared ministry at New Covenant UMC.




Celebrating Ten Years in Mission





16 Church Street, East Hartford, Connecticut  06108

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