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The report covers the following activities under-taken by the headmaster for the period September to December 2015


1. Administration                                                                                                                                                           

2.Numerical Strength                                                                                                                                                                           

3. Project




The school have seven (7) teaching staff, a Headmaster and one (1) non-teaching staff.


Name of  Officer


Mr. Wilfred Baah-Brobbey                    Headmaster, Administration

Mrs. Grace Osie Atobrah                      Asst. Headmaster; Basic School  1

Miss. Marther Asamoah                       Nursery

Miss. Aliyatu Atiku Adams                    K G 1

Miss. Joyce Konadu                               K G 2

Mr. Benjamin Akwasi  Hene                Basic School  2

Miss. Rita Authur                                   Basic School  3

Mr. Richard Kusi Boateng                    Basic School  4

Miss. Agnes owusuaa                           Canteen




The school has 227 pupils which are made up of 118 boys and 109 girls, with the details below.

Class                    Boys            Girls            Total

Nursery                30                24                 54

K G 1                     23                16                 39

K G 2                     22                21                 43

Basic School  1    15                20                 35

Basic School  2    18                13                 31

Basic School  3      5                  7                 12

Basic School  4      5                  8                 13

Total                   118              109               227




The uncompleted building should be completed in time to house B.S. 3 and B.S. 4 pupils for effective teaching and learning to take place. This is because in the church house, at times Church activities disrupt classes.


By Gods grace and with your help the school has no problem in respect of water. The borehole is now flowing like showers of blessings from the heavens. Hope you have had some pictures to that.


For the washroom, the technical people will say it is 90% complete.


Suggestions and Recommendation


1. The Headmaster suggest that: Book shelves or Cupboards are needed by the school for the safe keeping of pupils textbook and exercise books form mice destruction.                                                                                     

2. The school also needs at least three computers and one printer as well as one uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to help in practical teaching and learning instead of abstract learning by pupils.                                                       

3. The school should have about thirty (30) mattresses for the children in nursery, K.G 1 and 2 to rest and sleep during siesta.                                                                                                                                                                           

4. The school also needs more teaching and learning materials for effective teaching and learning.                                      

5. Recreational facilities like see saw, swings ‘Mary go round’ children bicycle etc are also needed because all work and no play make jack a dull boy.                                                                                                       

6. The School also needs an administration and a library block.                                                                                      

7. We are also in need of stationeries like exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, mathematical sets etc. We would be very happy if you provide us with sports kits like footballs, handballs, jesses etc.


The way forward:

The Headmaster and staff are working assiduously both academic and morally to achieve higher laurels to uplift the image of the school




We thank God for how far He has brought us. The Headmaster, teaching and non-teaching staff, Board of governors, Leaders of the church and the entire congregation are very grateful for your immeasurable financial support and we hope that after this report we will go places. God bless you all.




There are numerous challenges to our school which to a large extent affecting academic work. Among them are;

Inadequate water supply which makes pupils goes to fetch water from a long distance.

Inadequate desks for pupils which have made them scramble for seats. Some even sit on mats.

Insufficient classrooms which had led to the use of the church house for two classes.

Teaching and learning materials are also not enough for both the teachers and the pupils.

The school does not have a single computer for practical during the ICT lessons.

Even though we have spacious ground for games there are no playing equipments most especially for the little ones.

Last but not least we have problem with transportation system in respect of bringing the pupils to and fro. Most of the private schools had gained advantage of enrolling more pupils due to the buses they have.




We should not have bothered you with the challenges looking at the huge amount you have spent in establishing this school, but as at now the church finances is not encouraging so the school has taken it upon itself to manage the affairs based on the monies it gets from the Internally Generated Fund (IGF).


We hope that by the grace of God you will take this into a serious consideration and assist the school as you have always been doing, for the good Lord will reward you.

16 Church Street, East Hartford, Connecticut  06108

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